Punto Diesel Costruzione e vendita ricambi per iniezione Diesel  
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Punto Diesel is specialized on the building and sale of pipes and spare parts for diesel injection engines.

We produce fuel pipes, diesel fuel injection equipments, components for pumps pipes, common rail, special pipes for test bench, parts of pipes and connections for diesel engine.

Beyond to the present products in catalogue the Punto Diesel offers the possibility to realize whichever special pipes on pattern or design.

The use of our products is diversified, from the motor vehicles equiped by traditional diesel motor to the modern ones common rail, from scraper to the ships, from the truck to the train.

We produce a wide range of mechanical smallparts like dice, washers, clips, bolts pierces, special bolts pierces, conjunctions, eye connections, stoppers, reduction, guy rop, and parts for guy rop.

Every produced piece comes singularly controlled, packed and place in cardboards to norm for the transport by carrier. The rapidity in the escape of the orders, the timeliness in the delivery of pieces, the cure in the choice of packings and the distributive channels, allow us to deliver the products world-wide in short time.

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Via Brescia, 277 25075 Nave - Brescia - Italy Telefono 0039.030.2532804 Fax 0039.030.2533669 E-mail: info@puntodiesel.com